Buzzin Hornets

Well, the news is finally out…

C Beezenruun has finally sold the club to none other than flamboyant ex Formula One team boss Eddie Jordan.

JB said:

“It was a bit of a shock actually, I only met him briefly at the Barcelona Grand Prix a few years ago, and to have him now as club owner is fantastic news!”

JB meets Eddie Jordan in Barcelona

“He’s promised us that there will be ‘a shedload of cash’ by the end of the season, regardless of how we perform this season.  You have to beleive him when you consider what he did with Jordan Racing.  This is the best news the club has ever had – God, we even have the same corporate colours!”

I asked Eddie what made him invest in The Hornets.

“Well, when I was told that JB was running the club I was a little surprised to be honest, but I initially had no hesitation in purchasing the club.  However, it was only this morning that I found out that the JB in question wasn’t Jenson Button!  But a deal’s a deal and I’m sure we can make this a success.”

Could this be the re-birth of the Hornets, now to be known as the Buzzin’ Hornets.


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