Hustlers 1 – 0 Hornets

JB’s side were clearly out for a draw this afternoon as they took on Henry’s Hustlers at the Leeroy Jenkins Stadium.

Packing the goalmouth with their own players, it was difficult to see how this was going to develop into ant sort of football match. However, it was Highcroft who had the first attempt on goal, with Wilf Spedding in his debut appearance for the club breaking out of his own six yard box with a fine 10 yard run before launching a thundering drive at the Hustlers goal. Unfortunately it didn’t quite make the halfway line.

The referee, sensing that the crowd were rather unhappy at seeing no football, chose this moment to show young Daley Fisher a straight red card for swinging off the crossbar while Darren Billing fetched the ball back, much to the delight of the crowd.

This however, served merely to tighten the Hornets resolve and they quickly regrouped on the goal line for the rest of the game.

Clearly, referee Tage Duvage now had a problem. In order to pick up his paycheck from the Hustlers, he needed to find a way to get the Hornets off the goal line.

On 65 minutes The Hustlers Martin Litu slipped his hand up Joan Valcarce’s top, copping a feel and earning him a yellow card for sexual harassment. Not adverse to controversy with the Hornets, as seen in their recent game with Oxenhope (see report) , the ref then took the opportunity and awarded the Hustlers a controversial penalty. With only the injured Klijnhout to beat, Todd Cole coolly slipped the ball neatly into the bottom right corner, giving the keeper no chance, and the Hornets a similar chance of staying in the Premiership.

dsc00782.jpgKlinjhout is beaten by Cole’s superb penalty

Martin Robertson.


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