Hornets 1 – 0 Oxenhope Utd

Following JB’s comments about poor quality refereeing, he was not relishing another tie with a 1 skilled referee. He was not disappointed.

The first half opened with the Hornets taking kick off. After Geoff Kibble and Ben Iceman had got over their fit of giggles on their plan for the kick off, Geoff eventually ran around the pitch before standing on the goal line for his run up. Being a tad over 30 year of age this took some time. However it was worth the wait.

With the clock showing exactly 22 minutes since the whistle Kibble, ran up to the ball, and in true under 7’s league style, toe-poked a shot which whistled past the Oxenhope keeper but just over the United crossbar. Fortunately it hit the irritating United fan with the air horn before bouncing over the stand into Mayswood Road, taking a further 15 minutes to retrieve.

No sooner had they done so, Ben Iceman latched on to a poor backpass and cooly netted the opener, only to see it disallowed for offside!!! From a backpass!!!

The second half saw Oxenhopes only attempt on goal with a good 30 yard effort from Kittel following Bigalow’s intelligent free kick.

On 65 minutes during a surging run into the opposition box, Calvin Staunton’s bionic left leg fell off, clipping United defender Alexander Ciobotea, knocking his Italian loaf straight from under his arm. The referee deemed this dangerous play and issued Staunton with a yellow card.

mickymarshall.jpgStaunton realises what’s happened as he attempts a cross

Staunton spent the next 12 minutes hopping after referee Tage Duvhage asking him to stop play so he could re-attach it. When he finally caught up with him however, Duvhage issued Staunton with a red card for arguing.

Staunton had the last laugh however, operating his on-leg telemetry from his laptop, he caused Tony Meaker to trip, pushing Ethan Housham over in the box leaving the ref no choice but to award a penalty to the Hornets in the 87thminute.

laptopman_1111_18203010_0_0_6373_300.jpg Calvin has the last laugh

With Staunton off the field however, it was down to rookie stand-in keeper Daley Fisher to guide the ball home from the spot, bizarrely making him joint 2nd place goalscorer in the process – such is the poor quality of the Hornets attack this season.


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