Wals Reds – “Just thugs!” – JB

JB hit out at Mr Wal’s ‘Triad tactics’ today following the defeat at the Highcroft Arena.

“What can you say?  There is one reason, and one reason only that Mr Wal plays tactics like that – because it’s a local derby and it incites the crowd.  Today’s game had nothing to do with skill – our boys were fighting for their life out there today.”

“There also has to be a question of referee intimidation.  I know its very easy to blame poor refereeing, but Michael Steen is a 7 skilled referee – when he allows a sustained beating-up on the pitch, which has put poor Roger Klijnhout, our No1 keeper in hospital, and out for at least 5 games, you have to seriously question what is going on!”

The beating, which went on for 5 minutes, and involved Wilfred Teather and 2 ‘oriental-looking’ supporters went unpunished while Alfeo Scapolo slotted the ball home.”


Roger Klinjhout recovers in hospital after his 5 minute beating

“This was not the start we hoped for in our new ground.  The builders, who after a bit of a shaky start, eventually pulled out all the stops and got the new Arena finished in style.”


The new Highcroft Arena 


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One response to “Wals Reds – “Just thugs!” – JB

  1. Ken Twoddle

    Quality JB, roflmao !

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