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Friendly fire…

“For a friendly game, that was one hell of a tackle on Brian Wade!” Said JB.

“However, it did highlight the strengths of our defence that we could lose a major name and still defend admirably. Our problem is undoubtedly in attack – we just seem to lack that zest in front of goal.” He added.

Hal Brekin, a signing from Florida Flopsies who describes himself as ‘all American’ agreed:

“Ah yes, be jeysus, I agrees w’dat be gorra. We always seem to slip up in dat final turd.”

“But you’re a striker, isn’t that your ‘place of work’ so to speak?” Asked one of the hacks.

“Ah! To be sure, to be sure! But oim jus saying. Ohh, can I jus say ‘hello’ to me Auntie Nimah an Uncle Padraig in Cork and o’course me Ma an Pa back in me home town of Orlando, Florida.”

JB came over and smacked him in the mouth.

“Well if you’re American…” JB said “…you’ll be used to being hit by one of your own!”


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