JB owns up

The press gathered at the Highcroft Arena as news broke of the dirty trix campaign aimed at Newnham Rover earlier this week.

JB, still in a sombre mood following the relegation stood up behind the table which was looking a little wobbly.

“I stand here to apologise for the dirty trix campaign that was waged against Newnham. Although I was not directly involved, as the manager I must carry the can. It turns out that when I put Twiggy on the transfer list he saw red and began rumour-mongering to the press. However, we only found this out when we got our bank statement this morning and noticed there was a fair amount of cash gone. The police have been informed and Twiggy will take no further part in our season.”

The press were in uproar as JB made a sharp exit stage left and ran to Jane’s waiting Jaguar.


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One response to “JB owns up

  1. Louise

    Lol ….

    What a lovely piece of fiction!

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